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Robotics is one of the most promising areas of business. Today robots are used in a variety of industries: medicine, industrial field, and even everyday life. Did you know that every fifth vacuum cleaner in the world is a robot?
And although, the markets of household and industrial robotics are already formed and taken, the market of service robotics is almost untouched. We still lack a good server or a manicure master, but robot-hostess, robot-consultant and the robot-museum-guide are already there, and they are manufactured by iRobo - Dekho Network Pvt Ltd.
You do not have to invent your own robot to join the high-tech business. iRobo robots are in demand and it can be a source of your income. The average daily rental price for the iRobo robots starts from 40,000 INR
Thus, you can buy a robot for use, and without any knowledge in the field of programming and engineering. You can rent it out & you can resell it and be involved in the emerging market.


It does not require specific knowledge and a large team.


Easy to use

iRobo robots have an affordable price. By renting out the robots, the break-even point can be achieved quickly.


Low entry cost


Mostly, the robot is rented for the weekend. Thus, you can work for two days a week and earn above 4lac a month. And you have a lot of free time that you can devote to yourself, family, hobbies, and travelling.
Even if the robot is rented only 2-3 days a month, it will break-even in six months. Just by participating in a couple of events per month, in six months the robot will break-even and will start generating profit.
If you want to become a dealer or partner of the company fill the form, and then you will be contacted by our specialist and talk about the conditions of purchase and delivery of robots.

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